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Deacon Ministry of Bethel Second Baptist Church

Our Mission:

Serve Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by conducting the caring ministry of the church-doing the benevolence work, visiting the sick, being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation for the purpose of freeing the Pastoral staff to focus on prayer and the Minstry of the Word, promoting unity within the church, and facilitating the spread of the gospel.


From left to right

  • Deacon George Thomas (Vice Chair)

  • Pastor Brian L. Harvey

  • Deacon Mike Davis (Chairman/Laymen President)

  • Deacon Jerry Warner

  • Deacon Clifford Davis

  • Deacon George Foster (kneeling)

  • Deacon Sam Bone (Emeritus) (seated)

  • Deacon Vincent Alexander (not pictured)

Not Pictured

  • Deacon Douglas Black

  • Brother Tim Jacobs (In-Training)


Deacon personal contact information provided upon personal request.


Church Officers

Reverend Brian L. Harvey, Pastor (Christian Education)

Deacon Chair/Laymen Michael Davis

Church Secretary/Media (Interim), Ester Thompson

Church Clerk, E. Joyce Fielder-Davis

Assistant Church Clerk, Tomiko Jacobs

Deaconess, Jonell Thomas (Chair)

Trustees, Ann Henry (Chair)


Treasurer, Diane Davis

Assistant Treasurer, E. Joyce Fielder-Davis

Financial Secretary, Jovonna Thomas

Announcing Clerk, Janet Allen

Assistant Announcing Clerk, Janice Jones


Christian Education

Assistant Christian Education, Jeane Spencer

Sunday School Superintendent, George Foster

Assistant Sunday School Superintendent, Queen McGary

Music (Committee Pastor Harvey, Mona Morgan, Jeane Spencer, Ester Thompson)

Minister of Music ~ Vacant

Voices of Bethel Choir Director, Mona Morgan

Mission & Woman's Department, Bessie Fletcher

Mission & Woman's Assistant

Usher Ministry, George Thomas

Assistant Usher Ministry, E. Joyce Fielder

Food Service

Assistant Food Service, Graciela Hunt


Breaking Bread, Janet Allen

Media (Ester Thompson, George Thomas, Jovanna Thomas, Alex Paz, Kaylie Harvey)

Youth Ministry

Youth Director, Vacant

Assistant, Vacant

3rd Sunday is Youth Sunday. Youth Ushers are on duty, youth devotion, and Youth Choir render Proclamation in Song for morning worship.

Youth Choir Director ~ Kimberly Harvey

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