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Our Mission Statement:

Bethel Second Baptist Church exists to introduce people to Jesus Christ, to empower them to serve and glorify God, and to grow in faith, love, and service.

Our Vision Statement:

We are a Christian church, a place of surrendered, transformed people who love God and others; a place where lives are changed and a place for Christian renewal in the lives of individuals, families, and the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Please feel free to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit. We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbor.

Our Values are:

  • Faith in Jesus Christ

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Respect for all People

  • Honesty

  • Kindness

  • Community


Bethel Second Baptist Church is a major part of the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist State Convention, New Hope District and representing in the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.




From 1956 to 1959, Rev. H.C. Booze led the church. We were now purchasing a parsonage and continuing the interior renovation. Following Rev. Booze was Rev. A. D. Burton, who was the first family to occupy the parsonage. During his tenure, the church began its systematic rebuilding plan. He is remembered for having set the baptismal record—25 candidates. In 1963, the then youngest pastor in the history of Bethel, Rev. B.J. Choice, brought his youthful exuberance. During this time, extensive renovations were completed. The Inspirational choir was organized, Christian Education became an integral part of church life, and the General Mission began its outreach. By 1969, Bethel was once again without an under shepherd. From 1970 to 1972, the Rev. R.H. Burns and A.L. Phea supplied the pulpit. It was in 1970 that the term “Founder’s Day” was coined.


In April, 1972, through God’s providence, Rev. J.W. Williams was called to be the leader of this congregation. He came as a man on a mission—a mission to build a new sanctuary. In October, 1974, the wrecking ball brought an era to an end. It was during the building of the new sanctuary that the old cornerstone was unearthed and we officially became BETHEL SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH. As we waited for the new edifice to make its appearance, St. Genevieve Catholic Church generously offered us a place of worship. On a sunny Sunday morning, March 5, 1975, with a joyous procession, we were home again! This new sanctuary brought challenges for the congregation. As we went about the business of furnishing the interior, our spiritual growth was increasing, and we were also becoming more involved in denominational work. We were able to purchase 2 lots across the street. Rev. Williams served for 22 years, the longest serving pastor in our history. His legacy of building, teaching, preaching, and loving lives on today.


In 1995, the Rev. J.T. Wilson, a powerful preacher led the congregation. He was about Christian education and denominational work. Following Rev. Wilson were several spirit-filled interim ministers, Robert Dickerson, Anthony Daniels, Michael Jenkins and D. Bullard. The Rev. Anthony Baker of Oklahoma was the next servant. During his tenure, the property east of the church was purchased. In 2006, Rev. Gregory Arthur was called. He remained with us for six years. Under his leadership, a building project was begun. New classrooms and the enlarging of the fellowship hall and information technology are his legacy.


After months of prayer and supplication, God sent a new shepherd to the sheepcote called Bethel.  In March of 2014, the Reverend Brian Harvey accepted the call to “come over to Macedonia and help us.” Now, our prayer to God is that He will increase our faith and enlarge our territory as we move forward with a greater vision and purpose. During Pastor Harvey's short time with us, God has blessed us to further enhance our sanctuary, begin a media ministry, reinvigorate Bible study, and seek more ways for effective communication within the body, “Committed to the Cause of Christ”, a matter of the heart; a matter of truth.


Many servants have come and gone. We have enjoyed the sweet fellowship of each. We pay tribute for their service and commitment.  From the valley of despair to the mountaintop of praise, we give God the glory!


The honor roll of Servants:


Deacons: Pleasant Billingsley, Sam Gooden, Leonard Bradford, Cecil Grimes, Avron Fielder, Fred Baker, R.A. Pettes, Grover Pettes, Sr., C.B. Pettes, R.A. Boyer Sr., Dennis A. Spencer, Sr., Isaac Jones, Robert Dickerson, R. A. Boyer, Jr., Jimmy Pettes, Cedric Bradford, W.T. Blackmon, Sam Bone, George Thomas, Michael Davis, James Parker, Bobby Matthews, Al Lynch, Ricky Williams, McKinley Hamilton, and Thomas Morris, George Foster, Douglas Black, Jerry Warner


Sons of Bethel: Robert Dickerson, Isaac Jones, William Chisolm


Church Clerks: Mae Evelyn Schuler, Hearsey Wright, Merdest Bradford, Marie Richardson, Glorya Gee, Jeane Spencer, Alice Holmes, Linda Carroll, Tomiko Jacobs, Ester Thompson (Church Secretary), Joyce Fielder


Treasurers: Reather Pennington, Avron Fielder, Joseph Parker, Glorya Gee, Lawrence Fielder, Marvin Wright, Alma Bone, Diane Davis


Financial Secretaries: H. L. Davis, Cecil Grimes, Martha Baker, Mable Blackmon, Herman McGary, Joseph Parker, Andrew Trotter, Marietta Matthews, Diane Davis, Toni Lynch, Jovonna Thomas


WMU Presidents: Anna Billingsley, Martha Baker, Reather Pennington, Helen Fletcher, Josie Greene, Freddie Fielder, Albertena Trotter, Alma Bone


Membership Musicians: Rev. Terrell, Evelina Bradford, Ardelia Richardson, Allene Stephens, Glorya Gee, Alma Bone, Helen Fletcher, Andrew Trotter


Compiled by Jeane B. Spencer

Updated October 2015


Some of the first members were Brother and Sis. Pleasant Billingsley, Mrs. Jones Smaulden, Mrs. Carrie Batties, Mr. and Mrs. William Barnes, and Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Williams

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